Ethics Policy

Odd Bangla is at its core a news organization. Our news content, whether in the text form, in the Graphics, or in any other form, must attain the highest quality and strengthen our credibility. We take pride in our craft. Our journalism is as accurate, fair and complete as possible. Our journalists conduct their work with honesty and respect, and they strive to be both independent and impartial in their efforts. Our methods are transparent and we will be accountable for all we do. 

As a News Website, we seek the truth and strive to present a responsible and fair glimpse of the world. The news website is our powerful vehicle, and we endeavor to face the public with respect and candor.Our power must be used responsibly. Our notebooks and cameras are tickets into people’s lives, sacred worlds and complex institutions. Our job is to intensely scrutinize the activities of others as watchdogs that challenge authority and give voice to the voiceless. Our own actions should withstand equally intense scrutiny. We should be transparent.

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